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Chairman of RG Renault group
Vice chairman of the national cosmetics and cosmetics industry science and Technology Association
Vice president of China beauty luxury Celebrity Club
MBA, Royal University of Canada
For many years, he has been studying the blue ocean strategy of enterprises and the management of Japanese longevity enterprises
The practitioner of Daosheng Hefu's enterprise management thought
The so-called: the road is very Yi, and the people good path! Therefore, we still need to learn the "way" of management in a down-to-earth manner, rather than take a shortcut. It will take decades for an enterprise to form its unique "height + width + depth" system. If we don't really practice in heart and practice in matters, we will not be more powerful in decades to come.


Vice president of national Beauty Association
Vice president of Guangdong Cosmetology Association
On the job doctor of UMT, Tsinghua University
Vice president of RG cosmetics research institute
She is a well-known educator of body, mind and spirit in China, known as the "spiritual ambassador" of Meiye.
Professor Zhang Jie has long cooperated with top anti-aging experts and anti-aging institutions in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries to jointly develop anti-aging biological products representing the latest technology in the world. At the same time, she has long been committed to the research of aesthetics and Buddhism. She is one of the most influential women in contemporary China who has created extraordinary lives for herself and witnessed miracles of life for others.

Jiaheng Zhang

President and Chief Scientist of RG Cosmetics Research Institute
Doctor/Professor/Doctoral Supervisor
Youth Project Talents of the 1000-person Program of the Central Committee
Director of Biomaterials Research Center, Zhuhai Institute of Advanced Technology in Chinese Academy of Sciences
Special Professor of Gene Science Research Center in Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics
Five years of study in the United States and Japan
Professor Zhang’s main research directions are ionic liquids soft material, ionic liquids (salts) material and liposome encapsulation technology. Including the research, development, production and marketing of raw materials for cosmetics, health products and functional foods, development of bio-fermentation raw materials, plant extractors and new biological materials, the design of high-activity bio-lipid capsules and the improvement of new biological agents.

Max Ye

President and CEO of RG Renault medical
Senior capital operator
Member of China Medical Device Industry Association
Tsinghua MIT IMBA, former partner of EU China fund and CEO of several private equity funds. He has managed and managed more than 2 billion private real estate funds and participated in the merger and acquisition of non-performing assets with a total value of more than 8 billion. More than 10 years production management experience in manufacturing and medical industry.


Deputy general manager of RG Renault group
Bachelor of foreign languages, Sun Yat sen University
More than 27 years senior manager of multinational group
From 1992 to 2019, sunstar group, which ranked ninth in the world oral care industry and the second in Japan, served as the vice general manager of the group's Guangzhou company. His management adheres to the concept of "clean, tidy, rigorous and meticulous" of Japanese enterprises.






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