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When to use N95 mask?

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When to use N95 mask?

The N95 mask is one of the nine particulate protective masks certified by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). N95 is not a specific product name. As long as it meets the N95 standard and passes the NIOSH review, it can be called an N95 mask. The filtration efficiency of particles with aerodynamic diameter and physical diameter of 0.075μm±0.020μm can reach more than 95%. The U.S. Department of Labor once recommended that medical staff use N95 masks to prevent microbial airborne diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis. When to use N95 mask?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of when to use N95 mask: 

(1) The differences between N95 medical masks and industrial masks

(2) Use and fit testing

(3) Expert advice on N95 mask


(1) The differences between N95 medical masks and industrial masks

N95 industrial masks are only dustproof, while N95 medical masks are used in hospital protection. Although both have passed the N95 level recognition, the certification standards are different.


Use range

Under the influence of this pneumonia, N95 medical masks are more up to standard than industrial masks, because they are mainly used in the medical industry, while N95 industrial masks are used in the industry, including the coal industry and so on.

Function and purpose

N95 medical masks can not only effectively block viruses, but also filter out some small particles of dust. However, N95 industrial masks can only be used for dust prevention and do not have very good protection against germs. Generally speaking, the N95 medical masks have a broader role.


Liquid protection

N95 medical masks mainly block the spread of droplets, so the outer layer of the mask has a hydrophobic protective layer to prevent droplets from penetrating. However, industrial masks do not have this layer, so naturally they do not need to be used in the prevention and control of pneumonia.


The biggest difference between industrial masks and medical masks is actually splash-proof. Because medical masks are used for medical purposes in places such as operating rooms and laboratories that can be more demanding. Moreover, in many cases, it will accidentally come into contact with the droplets or blood of the patient, so the medical mask is better for preventing splashing. But ordinary industrial masks can also prevent the new coronavirus. As long as the use of KN95 or N95 or higher standard masks can prevent viruses in daily life.

N95 mask 

(2) Use and fit testing

Whenever workers use tight-fitting respirators, suitability testing is a key part of the respiratory protection program. OSHA (USA) requires an initial respirator assembly test to identify the correct model, style and size of respirator for each worker; and an annual fitness test. In addition, tight-fitting respirators including N95 must be checked for user sealing every time they are worn. Facial hair in the sealed area of the respirator can cause it to leak.

Respirators require medical evaluation before use, because they can make breathing more difficult. Certain diseases that may prevent the use of respirators include heart disease, lung disease, and mental illness, such as claustrophobia. In the United States, a medical evaluation is required before the initial fit test and use, but if any adverse signs or symptoms are found, the medical evaluation may need to be repeated. Using a respirator will reduce the possibility of contracting the virus, which can spread to your body through the air.


For people who are not medically qualified for negative pressure respirators, or those who cannot pass the suitability test due to facial hair or other reasons, electric air purifying respirators can be used. 


(3) Expert advice on N95 mask

The best-selling N95 mask on the Internet can achieve 95% filtering effect after testing. But for N95 masks, doctors remind citizens: “In theory, the more airtight the mask’s protective material, the better the effect of blocking particles. On the other hand, the more airtight the mask, the more difficult it is to breathe, especially for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Poor wear may also cause dizziness and difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen. You must be more cautious when choosing to wear it.".


We hope this passage can help you know more about when to use N95 mask, if you need any N95 masks, please contact us. 






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