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What is n95 mask?

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What is n95 mask?

N95 mask is a popular term at present, and it is also a protective mask that everyone wants to use. Among them, n95 masks are divided into industrial and medical ones. Do you want to know about them? So, what is n95 mask? This article will briefly introduce it.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of n95 mask: 

Description of N95 masks

Usage of N95 masks

How often do I replace N95 masks?


Description of N95 mask

N95 respirator is the common name of N95 filtering face mask respirator. It is a particulate filtering face mask respirator that meets the air filtration classification of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) N95, which means that it can filter at least 95% of airborne particles. This standard does not require respirators to be oil resistant. Another standard, P95, adds this requirement. N95 type is the most common particulate filter face mask respirator. It is an example of a mechanical filter gas mask that provides protection against particles, but not protection against gases or vapors. N95 respirators are considered similar to certain respirators regulated by non-US jurisdictions, but use slightly different standards to demonstrate their performance, such as filter efficiency, test reagents and flow rates, and allowable pressure drops. For example, the European Union’s FFP2 gas mask requires at least 94% of the filtration requirements, while the Chinese KN95 gas mask requires at least 95% of the filtration requirements.

N95 gas masks require fine mesh synthetic polymer fibers, especially non-woven polypropylene fibers. It is produced by melt blown method and forms an internal filter layer to filter out harmful particles.

N95 mask 

Select N95 masks

Choosing suitable mask types Medical protective masks should be the first choice for medical workers, and ordinary skim gauze masks should be the first choice for ordinary citizens to use in their daily lives. In special occasions, such as medical treatment and patient visits, it is best for ordinary citizens to choose medical masks.

Choosing qualified masks When choosing a mask, you should look at whether there is a brand name on the package, whether there is information about the manufacturer or supplier, and whether there is a mask certificate or instructions for use. Disposable masks should also have a disposable label, and for reusable medical protective masks, the sterilization method should also be indicated. Generally speaking, ordinary gauze masks must be marked with ordinary or disinfection grade. The materials used in masks should have no peculiar smell and be harmless to the human body, especially the parts of the materials in contact with the human face should be non-irritating and allergic.

Don't forget to check the appearance when choosing a mask. This is a problem that we tend to overlook when choosing a mask. First, check whether the packaging of the mask is complete and whether it is damaged. There must be no holes or stains on the surface of the mask. Medical protective masks should not have an exhalation valve. For close-fitting arched masks, the transverse diameter is not less than 14cm, and the longitudinal diameter is not less than 14cm; the length of medical protective rectangular mask is not less than 17cm and the width is not less than 17cm; the unfolded length of ordinary degreased gauze mask is not less than 17cm, and the width is not less than 13cm. The number should not be less than 12 layers. Another thing to remind everyone is that if you choose a medical mask, remember that it must be equipped with a nose clip. The nose clip is made of bendable plastic material and the length is not less than 8.5cm.


How often do I replace N95 masks?

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the United States recommends that medical n95 masks need to be replaced immediately in the following situations:

1. When the patient's blood, body fluids and other infectious factors are contaminated;

2. When the medical n95 mask is damaged;

3. Wearing the n95 mask When the respiratory resistance increases significantly; 4. A heavily polluted working environment will cause a relatively high filter load, so the use time limit of n95 masks can only be extended to 8 hours, including continuous or intermittent use. Studies have shown that the filtration efficiency of medical n95 masks gradually decreases with the use of time. On the third day, the average filtration efficiency is 94.7%. After 5 working days, the filtration efficiency drops to 92%. Therefore, it is proposed that the application of n95 masks can still meet the design requirements when worn for 3 days.

Based on cost-effectiveness considerations, the study proposes to use two medical n95 masks for 5 working days a week.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about what is N95 mask. If you need N95 masks, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice. 






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