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What is difference between medical and non-medical disposable mask?

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What is difference between medical and non-medical disposable mask?

Now because the masks are very nervous, I only bought disposable masks. Do you want to know what is the difference between medical and non-medical disposable mask? And do you know what is the use of different masks?

This passage is going to talk about following questions about disposable mask and medical mask: 

What is a medical disposable mask?

What is a non-medical disposable mask?

What should I know about non-medical masks?


What is a medical disposable mask?

A medical mask (also called a surgical mask or a procedure mask) is a medical device that covers the mouth, nose, and chin, forming a "barrier" between hospital staff and patients. Used by medical staff to prevent large droplets and splashes from the respiratory tract from reaching the wearer's mouth and nose;

It also helps reduce and/or control the spread of large droplets from the wearer.

disposable masks 

What is a non-medical disposable mask?

Non-medical masks (or "community" masks) include various homemade or commercial masks, as well as masks (e.x paper) made of cloth, other textiles or other materials. They are not standardized and are not suitable for healthcare settings or use by healthcare professionals.


What should I know about non-medical masks?

When you cough, sneeze, laugh or sing, non-medical masks can reduce the amount of aerosols and microorganisms that reach others.

During a pandemic, your provincial or regional public health department or local government may require non-medical masks. Generally, when the distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained in public places, especially in shopping areas, shops, personal service places, indoor public places and other places, people may be required to wear non-medical masks when going out in public places. public transport. Acknowledge that individuals can choose to wear a mask regardless of formal requirements.


Non-medical masks can be purchased or self-made. Non-medical masks or face masks should:

Breathing smoothly

Secure it firmly to the head with a tie or earring

Maintain its shape after washing and drying

If it is wet or dirty, replace it as soon as possible

Comfortable, no need to adjust frequently

Fabric made of at least two layers of tightly woven material (such as cotton or linen)

Large enough to cover the nose and mouth completely and comfortably without opening

Some masks also include a pocket for holding paper towels or disposable coffee filters to increase revenue.

When the supply is limited, N95 or other respirators with higher protection should be reserved for medical staff.

Please note that some people may feel uncomfortable wearing a mask, or feel shortness of breath, anxiety or panic. Masks may make the air feel "stuffy", but there is no change in the level of oxygen or carbon dioxide that a person breathes. If you feel that your medical problems limit your ability to wear non-medical masks, please discuss your concerns about healthcare professionals.

Anyone who cannot remove the mask without assistance (for example due to age, ability or developmental status), including children under 2 years of age, should not wear a mask.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about difference medical and non-medical disposable mask. If you need medical or non-medical disposable mask, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice. 






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