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Time for Popularize Cosmetics Knowledge Again

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Time for Popularize Cosmetics Knowledge Again

Time for popularize cosmetics knowledge again!

Today we will introduce our precious raw material “fullerene” C60. 

What’s fullerene?

It’s a nanomaterial which is formed of 60 carbon atoms. There are lots of carbon-carbon double bonds on the surface of fullerene, which can combine free radicals and then eliminate them. So fullerene has strong anti-oxidant ability which is 172 times than vitamin C. Fullerene is a diamond grade ingredient in cosmetics industry.

What’s the benefit of fullerene?

a. Strong antioxidant power to kill free radicals. 

b. Excellent anti-aging effect in cosmetics.

c. Ultra-tiny nanomaterial to help high penetration of essence 

d. Evident effect of brightening, repairing, nourishing skin.

What fullerene products can RG supply?

Fullerene is just a raw material, so we can apply it in any kind of skincare/cosmetics products you want. At the moment, we already have developed series fullerene products with different main functions for you to choose from: brightening series, moisturizing series, repairing series, anti-aging series. 






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