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Ionic Liquid Technology

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Ionic Liquid Technology

Time for knowledge!

Today we will focus on ionic liquid technology. 

What is ionic liquid?

In short, ionic liquid are salts which consists entirely of anions and cations, i.e. salts in liquid state at room temperature is the same as those in molten state. The reason why it is liquid is that the structure of its anions and cations are very different. Generally, it is composed of large organic anions and small inorganic cations. Because of the great difference between these ions, it gives it many special properties.

Advantages of ionic liquid

1) No significant vapor pressure

2) Good solubility

3) Good conductivity

4) Excellent designability

5) Good thermal and chemical stability

6) It is easy to separate from other substances and can be recycled.

Application of Ionic liquid on Cosmetics

Ionic liquid have high solubility and strong affinity with human cells. Ionic liquid can completely penetrate the active ingredients into the skin base. The deep effect of ionic liquid can not only promote absorption and improvement, but also greatly improve the solubility of ionic liquid and the absorption effect of skin.






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