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Important Hygiene Measures recommended by Guangzhou Renault Biotechnology Co,.ltd

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Important Hygiene Measures

Regular Hand Washing

– Guangzhou Renault Biotechnology Co,.ltd recommend regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
– Prioritize washing prior to eating and after being out.
– Regular hand washing dries the hands, which at an extreme, may make them vulnerable to infection. To mitigate this, regularly use a glycerin based moisturizer with pump or squeeze mechanism. Those that you scoop are less hygienic.
– A study showed that we touch our face on average 15 times per hour. That behaviour may be difficult to change, but if we keep our hands clean and wear a masks, it’s less detrimental.

Trim Finger Nails

Short finger nails reduce the risk of trapping dirt (and viruses) under the nails. One method to check if your nails are too long is by putting them against your palm. If you can’t feel your fingers but just nails, then they are too long to be kept clean easily.


Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Guangzhou Renault Biotechnology Co,.ltd recommend that if soap and water are not available, use an silver ion or alcohol-based hand sanitizer with approximately 70% alcohol. For effectiveness, you need to wait for the alcohol to fully air dry. Interestingly, alcohol contents above 90% are regarded as less effective.

Sanitize your phone and other items you touch regularly

– Given how often we use our phones, this seems like the next logical priority to be sanitized. Using antibacterial wipes or alcohol swabs (typically 70% alcohol) to clean your phone and other items is a good option. If the antibacterial wipes claim to be able to kill the flu virus (H1N1) – that’s a good sign they may be able to do similar for the coronavirus. Once finished wiping, leave to air dry.

Other items to consider include:

§ Computer keyboard and mouse

§ House and car keys

§ Re-usable water bottles

§ Car steering wheel

§ Clothing pockets

§ Door handles

And take appropriate caution when interacting with them – sanitizing where possible.


How to maintain a healthy immune system?

We don’t currently have a vaccine, or robust anti-viral medications to tackle Covid-19. In the meantime, we’re reliant upon our immune system to fight the virus. Below we’ll look at steps we can take to maintain it, and put ourselves in the best position, should the “worst case” happen:


Get adequate, high quality sleep. For most people ‘adequate’ means 7-8 hours. It’s no coincidence that “burning the candle at both ends” increases risk of illness. A 2004 literature review concluded that “sleep deprivation has a considerable impact on the immune response” and “should be considered a vital part of the immune system”4


Exercise regularly, but don’t overdo it. To quote a 2007 study on exercise and the immune system – “moderate exercise seems to exert a protective effect, whereas repeated bouts of strenuous exercise can result in immune dysfunction”.






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