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How to wear disposable medical mask?

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How to wear disposable medical mask?

Recently, the epidemic situation has been serious. Many friends have worn masks, but the way to wear masks may not be standardized and correct. Do you know the correct way to wear disposable medical mask? This article will briefly talk about the correct way to wear a mask.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to wear disposable medical mask: 

What is disposable medical mask?

A simple guide to wearing a disposable medical mask correctly

How to wear a disposable medical mask?


What is disposable medical mask?

Surgical masks usually consist of three layers. these are:

1. Anti-fluid outer layer: usually blue or green, this layer can prevent fluids and help reduce the chance of viruses and bacteria in the air attaching to the mask.

2. The middle layer of the high-efficiency filter: the middle layer is the hard work of capturing viruses and bacteria. Any particles passing through the outer layer will be filtered here.

3. Absorbent layer: The inner layer absorbs and absorbs water, reducing the chance of any mucus or bacteria leaving the mask when the wearer coughs or speaks.

With this information in hand, it should now be easier to determine the direction of wearing a surgical mask.

Disposable medical mask 

A simple guide to wearing a disposable medical mask correctly

First, if you have an instruction manual, you should check it out. If not, or your surgical mask has no instructions, you can follow these simple rules:

1. Blue/green on the outside

Generally, the liquid repellent layer of surgical masks is colored. This means that the colored side should face outwards. Think of it this way: I want to show off my colors!

2. Towards the soft side of the face

Some masks are the same on both sides. Some are even all white.

For these white masks on both sides, you can use the feel of the material to determine how to wear the mask. The softer side is the absorbent layer, facing your face. The rougher layer is the moisture barrier facing the outside.

Be careful not to use the mask earrings as an indicator of the direction of the mask.


How to wear a disposable medical mask?

Please follow the simple steps below to ensure that your surgical or medical mask is properly installed:

Put the elastic band around the ear.

Extend the surgery up to the top of the nose and then down to the chin. Make sure it completely covers the mouth, nose and chin.

Bend the metal strip at the top of the mask over the bridge of the nose. The surgical mask should be close to the face.

After wearing the surgical mask, avoid touching it. If you do, please wash your hands later.

Throw the used mask in the trash and wash your hands.

The standard practice is to change the surgical mask after each use. But if the supply is limited, please replace dirty or damaged masks.

Will the positioning of surgical masks affect its ability to catch viruses? After testing, to understand whether the method of wearing a mask will affect its ability to filter virus-sized items. The short answer: Yes, but not a lot.


We hope this article has helped you understand more about what is disposable medical mask and how to wear disposable medical mask. If you need disposable medical masks, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice. 






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