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How to tie disposable face mask?

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How to tie disposable face mask?

Recently, the epidemic situation has been serious. Many friends have worn masks, but the way to wear masks may not be standardized and correct. Do you know the correct way to wear masks? This article will briefly talk about the correct way to wear a mask.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how to tie disposable face mask:

The correct way to wear disposable masks

When can I take off my mask?

What is the best way to take off the mask?


The correct way to wear disposable masks

1. Wash your hands before wearing a mask.

2. Hold the ear strap with both hands, put the darker side on the outside (blue), and the lighter side on the inside (white suede).

3. Put the metal wire side of the mask (there is a small hard one) on your nose, pinch the metal wire according to your nose shape, and then pull the mask body completely down so that the mask completely covers the nose and mouth. To

4. Disposable masks are generally replaced within 4-8 hours and cannot be reused.

 disposable face mask

When can I take off my mask?

Wear a mask until you finish your trip, errand, or shift. You can remove them when you are away from others, or you can remove them on the way home. Don't forget to bring a mask for cleaning. If you wait to take off the mask after you go home, it may be easier to put it directly in the laundry.


What is the best way to take off the mask?

1. Wash your hands or use an alcohol hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60%.

2. Do not touch the front or face of the mask.

3. Grab the earrings or untie the tie, and carefully remove the mask. For masks with ties, please loosen the bottom one first, and then loosen the top one.

4. If your mask has a filter, remove it and throw it away. Fold the mask and put it directly into the clothing or into a disposable or washable bag for washing.

5. Clean your hands again.


Since the CDC recommends wearing a mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus, you are most likely to try to use a certain percentage of masks. Although you may have found a lightweight cloth mask that can be easily worn on a business trip or meeting with your family, you may still turn to disposable masks from time to time. In the days of washing cloth masks, it may be a smart idea to own a box of disposable masks. In addition, they are perfect for keeping in your bag or car at the "just in case" moment.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about what is disposable face mask and how to tie disposable face mask. If you need disposable face masks, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice.






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