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How n95 mask can be cleaned?

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How n95 mask can be cleaned?

There is no clear "best practice" for the reuse and reprocessing of N95. These methods are choices in times of crisis, and if the supply of masks is sufficient, they should not be used routinely. Depending on the resources available to each organization, the best strategy for each individual or organization will be different.

This passage is going to talk about the following methods to clean N95 mask: 

(1) Hydrogen peroxide vaporization

(2) UV treatment

(3) Moist heating

(4) Dry heat


(1) Hydrogen peroxide vaporization

Preliminary studies have shown that the decontamination of hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) can make N95 processing for multiple cycles, and can retain the function. It has now been approved by the FDA as an emergency method for N95 disinfection of medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. This decontamination method can only be used for N95 models that do not contain cellulose, such as 1860. It has been used in industrial facilities such as Battelle (up to 20 cycles) and various hospitals passing through Starred (up to 2 cycles).) Or Steris device (up to 10 cycles).


(2) UV treatment

Proper UV treatment of N95 masks requires a specific dosage regimen and full-surface lighting to ensure the correct inactivation of virus particles with minimal degradation of the mask. Due to the required accuracy, household UV lamps are not recommended. This decontamination method has been implemented in certain hospital systems in the United States.


(3) Moist heating

Moist heating (heating at 60-70°C and 80-85% relative humidity) has proven effective against influenza viruses, but there are limited data on the temperature, humidity and time required to completely inactivate SARS-COV-2. Particles. In addition, the parameters required to kill the virus may adversely affect the filtering effect of the mask. Due to the lack of specific data on the agreement to achieve the two goals, this method is not currently recommended.

(4) Dry heat

It is recommended to dry the mask at 70°C for 30 minutes as a decontamination method, which can fully kill the virus and maintain the integrity of the filter for reuse. Recent tests conducted by the National Institutes of Health with SARS-CoV-2 clearly show that this method can be used for two cycles to kill the virus without affecting health. In order to determine the best parameters (temperature and duration), research is ongoing, but it is not recommended.


The CDC recommends wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth when you leave the house to prepare necessities such as groceries and prescriptions. Certain types of masks are not suitable for repeated use, but there are some things you can do to disinfect the masks, improve filtration efficiency and extend their service life. 

Here are some strategies to help you make the most of your mask and ensure the safety of you and your family. We hope this passage can help you know more about when to use N95 mask and how N95 mask can be cleaned. If you need any N95 masks, please contact us. 






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