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How long do disposable face masks last?

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How long do disposable face masks last?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have been used as public and personal health control measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Their use is intended as personal protection to prevent infection and as source control to limit the spread of the virus in communities and medical institutions.

Health officials recommend that the public use masks or disposable face masks to minimize the risk of transmission. The authorities require it to be used in certain environments, such as in public transportation and stores, or generally in public places.

How long do disposable face masks last?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of how long do disposable face masks last:



How to wear?



According to the design, surgical masks will not filter or block very small particles in the air, which may be spread by coughing, sneezing or certain medical procedures. Due to the loose fit between the surface of the mask and the face, surgical masks cannot provide complete protection against bacteria and other contaminants.

A surgical mask is a loose, disposable device that can form a physical barrier between the wearer's mouth and nose and potential contaminants in the surrounding environment. If the mask is worn properly, surgical masks are designed to help stop large droplets, splashes, sprays or splashes that may contain viruses and bacteria, thereby preventing them from reaching the wearer's mouth and nose. Masks are an effective barrier to prevent the wearer from releasing large droplets from the mouth and nose in public. Masks help reduce the wearer’s saliva exposure and other people’s respiratory secretions, which can spread as far as 26 feet. Masks also remind the wearers not to touch their mouth or nose, otherwise they may spread viruses and bacteria after touching the contaminated surface.

Disposable face masks 


Disposable masks are made of more than three layers of 28 grams of non-woven fabric; the bridge of the nose is made of environmentally friendly plastic strips, which do not contain any metal, and are breathable, comfortable and especially suitable for electronic factories and daily use. Disposable masks (medical surgical masks) can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent, but cannot prevent haze. Pay attention when buying, you should choose a mask with the words "Medical Surgical Mask" clearly marked on the outer packaging.


How to wear?

After buying a mask, many people feel uncomfortable to wear it, so they don't want to wear it. In fact, they have not found the correct way. Therefore, after wearing a mask, the exhaled breath will blur the glasses and make it difficult to see the road. Let everyone take a look at the correct way to wear a mask.

First of all, after buying a mask, make sure the front and back sides. Generally, the darker side faces outward. The lighter side is facing the face.

After confirming the front and back, it is time to confirm the up and down. There is a white strip on one side of the mask. That is a nose clip. So the side with the nose clip is facing up.

Another way is to look at the fold of the mask. The correct way to wear it is to fold it downward.

Finally, show the correct way to wear a mask. Clamp the nose with a nose clip so that the exhaled breath will not blur the glasses, and then pull the wrinkles away to protect the chin.


At present, all N95/KN95/KN90 masks are disposable face masks, and their most effective protection time is only 4 hours, that is, they should be replaced within 4 hours. In addition: “If the mask no longer forms an effective seal on the face; it becomes wet or visibly dirty; breathing becomes more difficult; or it is contaminated with blood, breathing or nasal secretions or other body fluids of the patient, it needs to be discarded.” Masks must be dedicated to one person, one person for one use, and no one else is allowed to wear their own masks. If more popular masks such as N95 cannot be purchased, non-infected areas should downgrade to purchase KN90, ordinary medical masks, etc., and avoid repeated use! In order to avoid the obsession of the relatives, you can buy cheaper masks and wear as many layers as possible so that the relatives cannot care about the so-called "waste" problem. Urge it to be replaced daily. Important note: pay attention to hand hygiene and wash your hands more!

We hope this article has helped you understand more about disposable face mask and how long do disposable face masks last. If you need disposable face masks, do not hesitate to contact us. Our products will be your best choice.






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