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Can a ffp2 mask be washed?

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Can a ffp2 mask be washed?

The mask prevents viruses from entering and prevents corona. Mask requirements in many places clearly indicate that keeping a distance, a combination of hygiene and face protection is essential to our health. The scientific experience and knowledge of the new pathogen Covid-19 is still very young. There is still no vaccine, and there is insufficient understanding of the possibility of infection and the course of the disease. We know that corona is spread by small droplets that spread from the nose or mouth when coughing or exhaling. Keep your distance and wear a mask to reduce transmission. Following hygiene rules can reduce the risk of infection. Can ffp2 mask be cleaned and ow to clean ffp2 mask?

This passage contains the followings of can a ffp2 mask be washed: 

(1) Principle of clean ffp2 masks

(2) Clean ffp2 masks

(3) How should I dispose of personal protective equipment?


(1) Principle of clean ffp2 masks

Corona virus: susceptible to heat and fat removers

Covid-19 is an enveloped virus whose genetic material is encapsulated in a layer of fat. This lipid shell is very fragile, and it can be said that it breaks after contact with soap and water, so the virus is no longer infectious. Therefore, coronaviruses can be killed by fat-dissolving substances such as alcohols and surfactants. Degreasing agents are found in soaps and dish soap. Therefore, thorough hand washing is an effective hygiene measure. According to data from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, surface properties, and the number of viruses will all have an impact on the virus. At high temperatures above 70 degrees, the infection disappears.

FFP2 masks 

(2) Clean ffp2 masks

Damp masks lose their barrier function and are ineffective. Therefore, it is necessary to replace and clean the mask soaked in the breath. It makes sense to buy multiple masks. Community masks made of fabric should be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees, or heated with water and detergent in a pot. They must be fully dried, not tumble dried and then ironed. Therefore, it takes time to clean the fabric mask.


Easy to clean and disinfect: KN95 and FFP3 models

FFP2 or KN95 standard particle filter respirators consist of several layers of filters, which can hardly let the virus pass. The mask can be used multiple times and can be disinfected by briefly heating it in the oven. After wearing, you need:

In the oven, it is heated at 80 degrees for 30 minutes. Then they can be used again. However, the manufacturer's instructions should be followed to ensure safety.


Watch out for microwaves and disinfectants

The respirator cannot be sterilized in a microwave oven. The built-in bridge of the nose may catch fire. Masks should not be treated with disinfectants. If the antiseptic gets into the nose, it can cause breathing difficulties. Disinfectants only make sense if there is no water or soap nearby for careful hand washing. If the mouthguard cannot be cleaned immediately after wearing it, it should be sealed in a bag or can to prevent the spread of the virus. As the mask may get damp, it should be cleaned quickly to avoid mold formation.


(3) How should I dispose of personal protective equipment?

In hospitals, some personal protective equipment-including disposable masks and gloves-are improperly disposed of as general trash and recycling bins.

This is the risk of infection prevention and control-please ensure that the PPE is properly disposed of by placing the disposable device in the clinical waste bin only before leaving the clinical area.

When leaving the hospital, there will be an annoying dustbin at the exit, where the mask is. Clean your hands immediately after removing the mask.


We hope this passage can help you know more about ffp2 mask and how to clean ffp2 mask. If you need any ffp2 masks, please contact us. 






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