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Can I clean a disposable face mask?

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Can I clean a disposable face mask?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but for those who wear disposable masks, they often encounter a question: can they re-wear disposable masks such as N95 and surgical masks? In short, yes, but only if you take care of them properly. Can disposable face mask be cleaned?

This passage contains the followings of disposable face mask:

(1)Why using disposable face masks?

(2)Terms and Conditions

(3)Can it be cleaned?


(1)Why using disposable face masks?

If you feel unwell or are caring for a patient, the World Health Organization recommends wearing a mask (mask used in hospitals). The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went further, providing a cloth covering for anyone who ventured into crowded public places. Some people comply with these official regulations and wear reusable or disposable gloves in public.

However, experts warn that misusing any of this protective equipment may expose you to as many bacteria as countless bacteria. This is because if they are not cleaned or replaced frequently, the masks and gloves themselves will collect the viruses because they may later contaminate your hands or things you touch later without protection.

disposable face mask 

(2)Terms and Conditions

The thin medical surgical mask is divided into three layers. The outer layer has water blocking effect to prevent droplets from entering the mask; the middle layer has a filtering effect, and the filtering efficiency of the mask should not be less than 95%; the inner layer near the nose and mouth is used to absorb moisture. Experts reminded that the light-colored side of the medical surgical mask is close to the nose and mouth, and the dark side faces outward. Note that the part with the metal strip should be on top of the mask, don't wear it backwards. When wearing, after distinguishing the front, back, upper and lower ends of the mask, wash your hands clean and hang the ropes at both ends on your ears. Finally, press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with your hands to make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose, and then stretch the mask downwards so that the mask does not leave wrinkles and covers the nose and mouth.

When removing the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask. Remember to wash your hands immediately after removing the mask. Masks worn by the general population during normal activities, such as those worn by daily activities such as taking public transportation and grocery shopping in the supermarket, are unlikely to carry the new coronavirus and do not need to be disinfected after use. Masks worn by suspected patients with symptoms such as fatigue and fever shall be collected and treated as medical waste.


(3)Can it be cleaned?

For disposable masks, wear them continuously for 4 hours, and change them immediately after they are contaminated or wet. The main reason why masks can play a protective role is the filter layer. If the mask is wetted or soiled by secretions, the protective performance will decrease. If the mask is in short supply, it can be reused after natural drying, but it cannot be washed.

High-risk groups who may come into contact with suspected or confirmed cases, in principle, it is recommended to wear medical protective masks (N95 and above) and wear goggles. Use N95 medical protective masks, wear them continuously for 4 hours to replace them, and replace them immediately when they are contaminated or wet.


We hope this passage can help you know more about disposable face mask and can it be cleaned. If you need any disposable face masks, please contact us.






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