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Anti-fatty Eyelids Firming Repairing Pills

  • Use :face

  • Main Ingredients :Hydrolyzed Collagen、Trehalose、Hydrogenated Soybean Phospholipid

  • Skin Type :heavy eyelids

  • Function :remove eyelids

  • Certification :FDA, GMP, CPSR,COA

  • Packing :10 Pills/Box

  • Animals Test :NO animals tests

  • Supply Type :finished product/private lables

  • Anti-fatty Eyelids Firming Repairing Pills


    Brief Introduction

    The anti-fatty eyelids firming repairing pill, developed by American Renault Quantum Bio-tech Group, using concentrates derived from plants and sea natural skin care material with PCR and Biological dormant technology. The pills is sealed by double aluminum cabinet thus keep the treasured ingredients  hibernate to avoid oxygen, moisture, UV light and other harsh conditions to affect the activities. The nutritional ingredients within the repairing pills can be instantaneously absorbed by skin, Target positioning, firm eye skin, better effect to the fat bags under the eyes.


    Product Characteristics


    Stqanon anti-fatty eyelids firming repairing pills is

    the meticulous combination of natural essences.

    Secured no chemical additives and preservatives to

    be added into the products.


    (1)Reduce fatty eyelids, especially those fatty eyelids.

    (2)Contour the area around eyes and make it elastic.

    (3)Highly active ingredients contained in the product

    can entered deeply into the subcutaneous fat level,

    lysate the fat cells, dissolve fat, shrink eyelids.

    3.Unique Packaging

    Individual double aluminum cabinet and wallet

    packaging can secure the products from

    contamination, easy to carry, reconstitution right

    before application, thus utmost protect the bio

    activities of the ingredients.



    AquaHydrolyzed CollagenTrehaloseHydrogenated Soybean Phospholipid、 Camellia Sinensis Leaf ExtractSalvia Miltiorrhiza Extract.



    1After cleansing, take one tablet from the package, dissolved by one ml of purified water or distilled water, apply the solution on the area around eyelid evenly.

    2Apply once daily, one tablet each time, apply before bed for maximum effects.



    1) Reduces Eyebag Especially For Those Serious Fatty Eye-Bag

    2) Reduce The Look Of Dark Circles Visibly

    3) Contours The Area Around Eyes And Make It Elastic

    3) Highly Active Ingredients Contained In The Product

    Can Enter Deeply Into The Subcutaneous Fat Level, Dissolve Fat And Shrink Eye-Bag







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